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Herald Land introduces to you “Charlwood 2” located closely to Horley and is just 5.3 km away from Gatwick Airport and is just 38km from Central London.

The site is an open pastoral land of 2.61 acres with breathtaking landscapes.


Site Features
• 4 km (2.5 miles) to the A217
• 5.3 km (3.32 miles) to London Gatwick Airport
• 6.34 km (3.94 miles) to Horley Railway Station
• 7.02 km (4.36 miles) to the M23
• 38 km (23.6 miles) to Central London

Charlwood 2.png

100% freehold, zero maintenance,  high level of security and ample access to transportation.

Charlwood 2 English Factsheet (Print)

It’s the perfect way to generate more wealth and also enhances the value of your real estate portfolio.

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More homes to be built on UK’s Greenbelt Land

According to Organization for Economic Co – operation and Development (OECD), the reason for Britain’s down scaling growth is due to lack of housing and it is believed that planning rules have become too stringent.


The OECD also suggests that the government should relax planning restrictions in greenbelt areas to help deal with housing shortages and also acquire height restrictions to be curtailed.

In a brief written report by the OECD states that,

  • Higher housing supply would eventually improve labour mobility, reduce skill mismatches, pushing forward for additional income gains.
  • More investment in research and development and higher infrastructure provision would help in supporting technical progress and increase the capital stock and also appreciating in living standards

There are also set of detailed recommendations for increasing housing supply which includes the relaxation of regulatory constraints to release more land for housing, by taking into consideration the boundaries of protected areas of the greenbelt and also easing skyline restrictions.

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Sutton’s most exclusive Land Site is on Offer

Herald Land is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive land site located in the London Borough of Sutton.
This site is 12 miles (20 km) to Central London
• 4.12 miles (6.64 km) to the M25 (London Orbital Motorway)
• 4.1 miles (6.7 km) to Croydon Airport
• Just 11 miles (24.17 km) from London Gatwick Airport and
• 15 miles (24 km) from both London Heathrow and London
City Airports.
Grove lane 2 is located just 10.4 miles (16.7 km) south-south west of Charing Cross, and is one of the eleven metropolitan centres identified in the London Plan.
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Better the Location, Better the Investment.

Residential property prices across England are increasing by the drop of a hat compared to that in London, according to the latest ONS and Land Registry figures.

The April’s stamp duty and June’s Brexit vote has cast its effect mostly in London, which resulted pockets of stagnant or fall in price growth during the second half of 2016.

Initially, house prices have risen at a considerably faster pace in London compared to rest of the area of Britain. However, 2016 ended with property prices rising by 7.7 per cent to £236,000 in comparison to 7.5 per cent in London.


Property price growth has been lately softening with the capital under performing the national average for the first time since the financial crisis of 2008, states Rob Weaver, Property Partner’s director of investments.

Despite the fact prime central London has hit something of a wall, outer London boroughs are still witnessing a double-digit price growth.

Image result  Image result for barking and dagenham

Out of 33 boroughs in London 8 boroughs have recorded a significant price growth of more than 10 per cent in the past 12 months, with the biggest increases in the capital’s most affordable borough, Barking and Dagenham.

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Government publishes white paper to reform housing policy and build more homes on Greenbelt Land.

Restrictions imposed on development of greenbelt land will be let off as government plans to improvise the country’s chronic housing shortage.

Proposals are ready for release in a housing white paper this Tuesday urging councils to build on greenbelt land when all other brownfield land has been exhausted.


According to the Times, Whitehall could lay out its own five year quotas on local authorities that prevent from releasing more land for house building.

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Funds worth £7 billion released for more affordable new homes to be built in UK.


Reports state, funds worth £7 billion is being released by the UK government to help build more new affordable homes in the country.


Housing providers have now the accessibility to apply for a share of the fund, which was allocated an additional £1.4 billion at the Autumn Statement to deliver 40,000 new affordable housing starts across the country.

Sajid Javid, Communities Secretary stated that the Government is also expanding the existing affordable homes programme that will offer a wide range of ways of helping people into home ownership and to provide support for those in need of affordable housing.

He also clarifies that the expansion of the variety of tenures available that includes affordable rent, shared ownership and Rent to Buy, the programme will help meet the housing needs of a wider range of people in different settings and at different stages of their lives.

“By encouraging the delivery of more homes under a variety of tenures, we can create a housing market which truly works for everyone, meeting the diverse housing needs of the country”, he adds.

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Looks New? Check out Herald Land’s Land Appraisal Service

Herald Land introduces to you a brand new opportunity known as the “Land Appraisal Service” aimed to provide you detailed valuation reports of a global standard.

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If you’re in search of what the current market value for your land looks like we would be more than happy to provide you a full market appraisal, additionally providing you future investment opportunities that might cater to your interest.

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