It is with great joy I share Herald Land’s journey with you all. We completed 6 successful years on 16th May 2015.

Since we first began in the year 2009, we have gradually made our way to becoming Middle East’s #1 provider of UK property investments; residential and commercial. Herald Land has shown remarkable growth and diversified the product ranges. Earlier, we began with land investment opportunities and later ventured out to bespoke properties in London.

Currently, we offer a vast range of investment options like:
1) Land, with and without planning
2) Airport Car Parking
3) Buy-to-let
4)Student Accommodation
5) Bespoke Properties

We are constantly approached by developers in the UK with new and exciting projects. Our due diligence on everything we are offered is second to none. It is fair to say that for every project we decide to take up, we reject another fifty. Not long from now, we will be launching fresh ventures to the market and we got some great and valuable land sites in and around London.

In addition to launching new sites, we are finalizing the legal framework to progress with planning applications on all of our present sites. This is definitely a milestone we have achieved, since many others in the region are unable to execute this.

In the last 6 years we have seen competitors come and go, whilst we have grown day by day. All of this success we have achieved is because of my superb and professional management team and staff. They have passion for and the professionalism in what they do and that’s what makes us #1 today.
For the rest of 2015, we aim to add many new property schemes including student and hotel apartments.

We are also considering to add a whole new range of investment opportunities by offering Care Home Investments. 2015 will be a productive year for all of us!

Bob Clarke,
Managing Director.


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