UK’s commercial property sector is on a continuous rise. Due to demand for UK property, the commercial sector is benefiting and the outpour of response, especially the Middle East is quite exceptional.

Among our investment choices, one of our student accommodations are situation in Liverpool, namely Baltic House. The accommodation is situated less than 10 minutes from two well-known universities – University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University. The setting is perfect for students looking for an enriched school experience as it is not only within close proximity to the universities but is also situated near cultural attractions and the City Centre.

The accommodation is designed in a way that is appealing for all students. There are other utilities like gym, lounge area where all the students can gather and network together at one place.

Liverpool is ranked 5th in the UK with regards to attracting overseas investors. In addition to this, the universities serve over 50,000 students, which proportionally makes the city have the highest number of students from abroad.

Benefits of investing in student property:

  • Starting from only £49,950
  • Tax free
  • Low risk
  • Fully managed by a well-established company on your behalf
  • Assured rents
  • Growing demand
  • Highly desired location

We have the all the right reasons as to why must you invest your money in student accommodation in the UK. To get more details about the same, call us on +97144403100


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