Long has been the investor’s dream to invest in London real estate: the world’s financial center, the English capital, the prestigious and historic landmark. But this is no longer the case.

A proposal has been implemented in efforts to boost the UK’s economy and make the North the powerhouse of the UK.

The Northern Powerhouse is part of the UK’s recent industrial strategy. It is the regeneration of Northern England.

The cities included in this project are Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Newcastle.

The government is collaborating with local stakeholders to identify the cities’ limitations, and work accordingly to meet the citizens’ demands.

Because of this, the North is attracting major investments. It has become a hub for investors, from all over the world.

It aims to improve all amenities in these cities, from transport links, science, innovations, and the overall quality of life.

On The Northern Powerhouse official website, they state:

“If the Northern Powerhouse were a country, it would be among the biggest economies in Europe.”  

And that’s not an exaggeration. The businesses in the project include some of the world’s largest multinational corporations including Barclays, Vodafone, ATKINS, Colliers, and many more.

Since the proposal’s implementation, it’s been recognised worldwide as the investor hub. The investment projects in 2015/16 have increased at twice the UK’s national average – creating 13,700 new jobs.

The size of Media City UK will be doubled. 1,000 new homes will be built, adding to the UK property market. This means billions of pounds of investment.

The Northern Powerhouse also hosts 7 international airports, as well as 12 major foreign trading ports.

Trade also finds its home in the North of England. Over £54.5 billion of goods from 25,000 companies have been exported in 2016.


So why does all of this matter to investors?


If you’re considering investing in the UK’s buy-to-let industry, we highly suggest the Northern Powerhouse. This is because it is growing at a faster rate than any other area in the UK.


Thousands of jobs every year are being created, which means that the population in these cities will continue to increase. All of these people seeking new jobs will need somewhere to live, and with such high standards of living, they will want to live somewhere good.


For buy-to-let property investors, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The best time to invest is now. You’ll be able to receive your returns by letting out your property (in value of rent), and also benefit from the asset’s increased value overtime. The average returns are around 7-10% for buy-to-let investors, and these are NET returns, guaranteed.


If you’re interested, visit our website to know how you can partake in buy-to-let UK property opportunities.





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