New research according to The Property Hub has listed cities in the north of the United Kingdom as property hotspots for 2018 and the next decade.

The list was concluded based on locations with the highest capital growth, guaranteed demand, and affordable housing.

Savvy investors looking north of the United Kingdom should possibly consider the following cities:

  1. Liverpool
Liver building with copy space
Liver building in Liverpool with copy space

On a mission to advance the cityscape, Liverpool is one of the UK’s fastest growing cities with an economy worth over £30 billion.

Located on the River Mersey in the North West of England, Liverpool is known to be a capital of culture and diversity with a young and growing population. With over £1 billion a year in investment, the city is open to a range of businesses and projects, offering the lowest real estate prices and affordable housing.

  1. Manchester

Manchester City Skyline at Night

Manchester is identified as the second fastest growing city after London. The city’s regeneration has boosted Manchester’s economy, creating new opportunities and employment. Property demand is on the rise as the city continues to grow.

The city has a student population of 105,000 with some of the world’s prestigious universities including the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, and the University of Salford.

Manchester is well connected to London by road, rail, and air.

  1. Leeds


Construction of the High Speed 2 Railway commonly known as the HS2, keeps Leeds in a prime area. The city shares an international airport with Bradford keeping the need of accommodation on the rise.

  1. Birmingham

Birmingham Panoramic Cityscape, England, UK

Birmingham, a metropolitan city in the heart of England, has an economy worth over £90 billion and is home to almost 5 million people.

An ongoing housing crisis and a shortage of rental accommodation have property prices rising with strong capital appreciation and return on investment.

  1. Sheffield

Sheffield Town Hall, Sheffield-England

Home to the most expensive postcodes, Sheffield is a popular investment hub in the United Kingdom. Due to rising house prices in surrounding regions, tenants and potential homeowners are diverting their attention towards Sheffield.

At Oxford Property Investments, we value and accommodate your needs in the market.

Contact us today to know which city in the United Kingdom is right for you.


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